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No Chain, No Pain, No Stain
It's All Gain

Steed Features Shaft System

Drive System - Shaft Driven

Shaft-driven bicycles revolutionize the ride with a propeller shaft drive system, replacing traditional chain and sprocket mechanisms. Enjoy a unique, low-maintenance, and smooth cycling experience with enhanced safety and aesthetics. Maintain a steady cadence and focus on your performance while exploring the innovative world of shaft-driven cycles.

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Steed Features Shaft System

Drive System - Belt Driven

Belt-driven are a type of bicycle that uses a synchronous belt instead of a traditional chain, the synchronous belt made of a durable and flexible material such as neoprene, nylon and are reinforced with fiberglass cords, another low maintenance drive system with clean, quiet, durable and lightweight to enjoy a silent, smooth and hassle-free riding.

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